Fishbowl integrates with QuickBooks Payments

Fishbowl Integrates With Intuit QuickBooks® Payments

Intuit QuickBooks Payments is a popular merchant services provider that lets small businesses accept credit cards and other forms of payments from customers. By integrating with Fishbowl, you will be free to push payments to your inventory records and other solutions connected to Fishbowl.

Benefits of Fishbowl's Integration With
Intuit QuickBooks Payments:

Process Credit Cards & eChecks: The Intuit QuickBooks® Payments integration with Fishbowl accepts eChecks and all major credit cards, and they get instantly posted to sales orders in Fishbowl.

Easy Integration: Setting up the Intuit QuickBooks Payments integration is as easy as clicking the button in Fishbowl's Payment Gateway module, located in the Integrations module group.

Setup Instructions: There are simple instructions on how to sign up for an Intuit QuickBooks Payments account, then connect it to Fishbowl to start accepting payments.

Accounting Updates: If you use QuickBooks, you can integrate it with Fishbowl to automatically update your accounting information with payments taken with the Intuit QuickBooks Payments integration in Fishbowl.

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