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Fishbowl Integrates with TrueCommerce

TrueCommerce EDI is a must-have for companies hoping to sell products to big box chains, such as Walmart, Target, Shopko, and Cabela’s. And Fishbowl is right there with it, integrating with TrueCommerce to make sure companies can leverage this EDI for all of the products in their inventory.

Benefits of Fishbowl's Integration with TrueCommerce

Intuit Gold Developer: Both Fishbowl and TrueCommerce are Intuit Gold Developers, and TrueCommerce EDI is the only “preferred” EDI for QuickBooks Enterprise.
Key Documents: Fishbowl works in conjunction with TrueCommerce to send to inventory and corresponding transactional documents to big retailers at the same time.
Mapping Updates: TrueCommerce provides mapping updates and support for EDI users.
Maintain Balance: Fishbowl helps vendors maintain a balanced inventory through auto reorder points while TrueCommerce provides the forms retailers need to make sense of incoming orders.

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