Why Miami Accountant Continues to Refer its Clients to Fishbowl

A chat with one of our referral partners on the endless benefits of partnering with Fishbowl

Jonny Parker
November 2, 2023

“Fishbowl is the most robust software when it comes to inventory.”  

One of the first few things that came from our chat with referral partner, Mario Hernandez at Miami Accountant. As a CPA and an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Mario has extensive experience knowing when to refer Fishbowl to his clients.  

Fishbowl is an ideal advanced inventory software solution for businesses that are QuickBooks users who manage inventory, warehousing, and manufacturing processes.  

Forbes recently ranked Fishbowl Inventory as a top 10 best inventory management software for QuickBooks users.  

Mario answered a few important questions that we thought would be valuable to share. If you are searching for a solution that could supplement your QuickBooks accounting platform or looking for a more robust inventory system, we can help with that, check out the conversation below.  

Why trust Fishbowl enough to refer to your clients?

Most of my clients are using QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online to handle inventory. When they get to a point when they need a more robust system or are looking for a solution that could complement their current solution, that’s when I refer Fishbowl.  

Fishbowl integrates with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online seamlessly and Fishbowl can act as an additional tool to keep clients using QuickBooks longer. Fishbowl is a great supplement to QuickBooks to give greater inventory management capabilities while allowing QuickBooks to own all the accounting which it does exceptionally well. 

When you think about an Inventory management solution, you want a flexible solution that can not only manage your warehousing and manufacturing workflows but can master them quickly, in a proven platform. That’s where Fishbowl shines.  

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When I hear these 3 things from my clients I immediately refer them to Fishbowl

Mobile inventory management 

Fishbowl Advanced Mobile gives users the ability to perform complex inventory functions on their Android or iOS devices with ease while increasing flexibility and efficiency. It offers functionality with 15 different modules and syncs in real-time with Fishbowl both over a local network and over the Internet. You can rely on always having your inventory and QuickBooks in sync. 


User control  

The ability to restrict users and have more control over what users can or cannot do within modules is key for my clients. Fishbowl provides great security controls within its system. 

Whether it’s restricting specific reporting access or restricting modifying specific aspects of sales forms, Fishbowl gives you the ability to customize your user control.    

For accountants, this feature is beneficial because they have visibility on who has access to data within QuickBooks while warehouse teams have controlled access to Fishbowl.  


Lot tracking  

Fishbowl offers my clients a greater level of lot tracking than QuickBooks can. Whatever you want to track, Fishbowl gives teams optimal inventory traceability. Keeping a record of all things inventory is not a problem within Fishbowl. You can track the location and status of every part and product you have in your inventory system from lot numbers, serial numbers, batch numbers, expiration dates, and more.  

Fishbowl and QuickBooks complement each other

When you combine the likes of your accounting solution in QuickBooks and your inventory management solution in Fishbowl, you can feel confident that you are being covered on all fronts. Fishbowl provides a seamless integration experience, so you can automate your critical business processes and give yourself a competitive advantage without missing a step in your accounting and inventory processes.  

Mario at Miami Accountant has been a trusted referral partner since 2010. Miami Accountant holds advanced certifications in both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. Fishbowl continues to be a trusted partner when it comes to providing the most flexible inventory management solution in the market. Fishbowl’s referral program is here to help your clients stay on QuickBooks longer, Learn more about our Fishbowl Partner Community today.