The UPS strike was a close one. Fishbowl prepares customers for the worst-case scenarios.

Jonny Parker
August 16, 2023

A few weeks ago, UPS and Teamsters reached a tentative deal avoiding a strike that could have impacted businesses globally.  

If this strike had gone through, it would have been the largest single-employer strike in US history. It could have cost the US economy billions with customers and small businesses feeling most of the impact.  

A close call like this is one of the main reasons Fishbowl believes companies should have a reliable shipping solution in place, should a similar event arise in the future. Fishbowl is providing their customers reassurance with other shipping solutions that will help keep their business running and thriving during supply chain failures.  

To get a quick glimpse of some of those shipping solutions Fishbowl offers that could be beneficial to your business, keep reading.  

Fishbowl ShipExpress

ShipExpress is a pre-installed feature in Fishbowl that gives customers option to use FedEx rates as part of their universal account. Customers who use this plugin within Fishbowl can take advantage of the discounted rates for domestic and international shipping, enabling them to decrease shipping costs and maintain business operations, no matter what’s on the rise.   

Fishbowl ShipExpress automatically integrates with any carrier that is enabled in the Shippo carrier settings in the module. Listed below are several carriers supported by Shippo. You can find a complete list of the carriers Shippo supports here 




DHL Express 

Lastly, ShipExpress allows you to compare rates to make sure you are choosing the best shipping vendor.  It’s good to note that FedEx issued an advisory on July 6, 2023 stating that they would do their best in the event of a disruption, but they will have to enforce some capacity limits.  

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Here for our customers

Fishbowl is here to provide alternative solutions for its customers. By exploring these options, communicating with your customers, and considering different services, you can navigate through major and minor supply chain disruptions and maintain a running business.  

If you need support accessing the information discussed above, you can reach out to one of our Account Executives for help and resources.