See What’s Taking Online Inventory Management by Storm

March 21, 2018
Boxstorm is taking online inventory management by storm, Fishbowl BlogFishbowl is taking the online inventory management world by storm with its cloud-based solution called Boxstorm. Boxstorm is not just a repackaged version of Fishbowl. It is a separate solution from the desktop software, and it was built from the ground up with purely online use in mind. Take a look at the Intuitive Accountant article entitled “QBO App First Look: Boxstorm by Fishbowl.” That article highlights many of the features in Boxstorm and how they are available on pretty any device with an Internet connection via Web browser or downloadable app. These features include:
  • QuickBooks Online Integration
  • Stripe Integration
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Multi-location
  • Barcoding
  • Inventory Tracking and Auditing
  • Reporting
To get more information on each of these features, read the article and/or visit the Boxstorm Learn More page. In both places you will find a wealth of information about Boxstorm to give you a good idea of how it works and how you can get started with it. You might say Boxstorm is taking online inventory management by storm because it is helping a growing number of businesses take advantage of hitherto inaccessible inventory management tools.