Running Through the Data Module

December 29, 2017
The Data module gives you the option to view and export information from the Fishbowl database, though none of it can be updated from this module. You can run queries, save them, and export them to CSV and XLS files.

Create a database on the Fishbowl server, Fishbowl BlogRun Queries

In the Data module you can simply click the green button that says “New” and you’ll be able to create a new query. Enter a name and description and then type a query under that. If the query isn’t valid, you’ll get an error message. I personally ran more than a dozen queries, and I’d like to share them so you can do the same thing, if you like: SELECT * FROM Customer SELECT * FROM Part SELECT * FROM Ship SELECT * FROM Pick SELECT * FROM Vendor SELECT * FROM SO SELECT * FROM PO SELECT * FROM WO SELECT * FROM MO SELECT * FROM BOM SELECT * FROM RMA SELECT * FROM Report SELECT * FROM Tag SELECT * FROM Location SELECT * FROM Currency

Save Queries

You can save the queries you create so you won’t have to type them in later. You can simply click on them in the Search panel or you can search for them by their name or description to narrow down the results. The Save button is right next to the New button.

Filter Queries

At the top of each of the columns in a query, you can click on the right hand side of them and you’ll have the option to filter them to only show certain results. If you know exactly what you’re looking for and you want to cut through the data and zero in on only those bits of information that you’re seeking, this is an extremely helpful feature. Come back next week as we check out the Calendar module.