Prepare to Be Amazed by the RMA Module

April 27, 2018
Run your warehouse more efficiently with these five tips, Fishbowl BlogWe’ve talked about Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs) in detail in a previous blog post. Basically, RMAs are amazing. And so is the RMA module in Fishbowl. It allows you to create new RMAs to let customers return products that are damaged or that aren’t what they ordered. They can also repair, replace, or substitute another item for it.

Creating New RMAs

Click the New button to generate a new RMA. Then select a customer, RMA number, and location group. Click the green plus sign on the right of the RMA and you’ll be able to add a product to the RMA. First, you select the product you want to process and then you can either verify that that particular item was sold to that customer or you can skip that step, if you prefer.

RMA Actions and Reasons

Select a quantity and unit of measure to attach to a particular product. Choose the type of action this RMA is for, whether for credit, replacement, substitution, or repair. Then you can select the reason for the return: if the product was damaged on arrival or if it falls under the product’s warranty. If you choose Substitution, you’ll also need to select another product to substitute.


You can add notes to the RMA, along with information on the appropriate vendor and the date that you resolved the RMA. This is an extremely helpful module because it’s necessary to respond to customers’ concerns and do right by them when something goes wrong. We’ll keep going in the Sales module group next time with the Pricing Rule module.