ERP Doesn’t Need to Be So Expensive

November 17, 2014
Are you looking for an ERP (enterprise resource planning), but it seems like all of the options out there are out of your price range? There’s a better way to enjoy the features of an ERP and still stay within your organization’s budget. That way is Fishbowl. ERPs don't have to be so expensive, Fishbowl Inventory BlogFishbowl handles basically all of the inventory management functions of an ERP and it costs just a fraction of the price of a full ERP. In fact, most large organizations can pay for it by simply using their discretionary budget. And the added efficiency and cost cuts that Fishbowl brings save organizations way more money than they spend on it. Fishbowl integrates with QuickBooks, which handles the accounting side of a business. With a Fishbowl-QuickBooks combination, you’ve got a large portion of an ERP’s features covered. Fishbowl’s inventory management features have been put to use by numerous well-known organizations, including:
  • Wholesale Boutique
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Lowe’s
  • Wells Fargo
  • Honda
  • Boeing
  • Nordstrom
  • University of Maryland
Fishbowl is also highly customizable. If your organization doesn’t need certain features, such as warehouse management or manufacturing, you can get a software package that doesn’t include them. Many ERPs come with way more features than an organization needs, and it winds up costing a lot to maintain those features that you don’t use. Fishbowl makes ERP-level features available to organizations that otherwise couldn’t afford them. Sign up for an inventory software demo today to see those features in action.