From selling at a storefront to shipping rare valuables for museum display, keep your prized antiques ready for their next adventure with Fishbowl’s unparalleled inventory management software.


No matter the size of your inventory, easy-to-use barcoding allows for immediate tracking of items from their arrival and placement to their eventual departure from your store or warehouse. Count them once and be done, and make use of readily accessible inventory information.


Easy-to-follow asset tracking keeps tabs on all your items regardless of their size or location. From a central software hub you can follow returns, transfers, sales, and purchases, all while incorporating a built-in scheduler to make the most of your employees’ time.


Keep your storefront and backroom in harmony with a point of sale solution. Every sale, return, and shipment is recorded in Fishbowl to keep your inventory up to date and accurate, reducing time wasted on recounts and monthly inventory audits.


If your business is part of the growing online market, Fishbowl is a great fit for you. Through an integration, Fishbowl’s Sellware platform can act as a central hub for all of your eCommerce marketplaces and shopping carts. It continues to keep pace with every transaction, keeping counts current and stock accurate.


With its integrated shipping features, Fishbowl allows your customers to receive notice of shipping and tracking options, while your bu