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Fishbowl Manufacturing® (FBM) offers small and midsize businesses the same features as the inventory solutions large businesses use, but for an affordable price.

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Download a PDF to learn more about FBM's functionality.


  • Create dynamic Work Orders and Bills of Materials with many production stages
  • Monitor inventory levels in multiple warehouses
  • Work on assembly, disassembly, repair, and other manufacturing job types with greater speed and accuracy

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QuickBooks Integration

  • Update your inventory and accounting records at the same time
  • Eliminate double data entry and keep your records accurate
  • Continue using the accounting software you’ve always used while adding new functionality

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Multiple Locations

  • Check inventory levels across multiple locations
  • Analyze sales trends at each of your warehouses
  • Avoid shortages by transferring products from one warehouse to another

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Work Orders

  • Create Work Orders one at a time or in batches
  • Use them for assembly, disassembly, repair, and other job types
  • They can handle every kind of job, from simple to multilevel

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Bill of Materials

  • Create and fill multiple Bills of Materials at the same time
  • Replicate a Bill of Materials for future uses
  • Easily update quantities and parts in a Bill of Materials when necessary

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Production Stages

  • Create multilevel Work Orders organized by stages
  • Schedule tasks and assign them to certain workers to maximize efficiency
  • Estimate how much time it takes to complete each stage

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Inventory Management

  • Dramatically speed up the receiving process
  • Track products on their way to customers
  • Create auto reorder points for every item in your warehouse

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Order Management

  • Quickly receive products into your warehouse
  • Track shipments to their destination
  • Set up automatic reorder points for products

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Part Tracking

  • Monitor part levels and reorder them when they get low
  • Have detailed maps of where parts are located in a warehouse
  • Track all the costs that go into manufacturing products

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  • UPS shipping features are embedded in Fishbowl
  • Fishbowl integrates with all major shipping companies, including USPS and FedEx
  • Fishbowl's partners expand its shipping compatibility even further

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  • Assign currencies to vendors and customers
  • Create Sales Orders and Purchase Orders in any currency
  • Integrate your currency information with QuickBooks

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Sales and Purchasing

  • Turning price quotes into Sales Orders
  • Saving Sales Orders for later use when customers make the same order again
  • Use discounts and pricing tiers based on customer groups

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  • Adjustment Report – Find recent updates Fishbowl has made in QuickBooks
  • Gross Sales by Product/Salesperson – Identify which products and salespeople are performing the best
  • Turnover Bar Graph/Pie Chart – See the number of times you’ve sold all of your inventory in a year

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Add-on Products

Fishbowl is especially popular among manufacturers and wholesale distributors because of its add-on products.

Additional Information

Fishbowl newest features, system requirements, SDK, and a host of other useful bits of information right here.

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