Work Orders

Fishbowl Manufacturing® is a powerful inventory solution for manufacturers of all sizes and types. It allows you to create both simple and complex work orders for a variety of tasks.

Whether you need to perform a quick manufacturing job or a multistep job requiring coordination between several locations, Fishbowl Manufacturing has all the features you need to make it happen quickly and efficiently.

With Fishbowl Manufacturing, you can create work orders for:

  • Assembling products
  • Disassembling products
  • Repurposing one product’s parts into other products
  • Repairing damaged products
  • Maintaining products
  • Managing employee payrolls and work schedules
  • And many other tasks

Fishbowl Manufacturing is much more affordable than other software solutions that offer similar features. It’s a great fit for small and midsize businesses because of its price and flexible feature set.

As your needs increase, you can find more functionality in Fishbowl Manufacturing or add more solutions that have what you need. This means you can stay with Fishbowl for many years rather than having to switch inventory systems when you grow beyond one’s capabilities.

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