Fishbowl Manufacturing® – The Leader in Manufacturing Automation for SMB's

QuickBooks® Premier allows you to choose a software version that is tailored to your industry.

One of these versions is for the Manufacturing & Wholesale industry. QuickBooks' manufacturing version helps manufacturers with many important tasks, such as creating bills of material and work orders, tracking parts in more than one location, and monitoring inventory levels so they know when to reorder.

However, QuickBooks doesn't have all of the capabilities that manufacturers need to handle complex operations. That's why they often turn to Fishbowl Manufacturing®, the most popular manufacturing management solution for QuickBooks users. Fishbowl Manufacturing gives manufacturers the tools they need to grow and overcome new challenges.

Fishbowl Manufacturing Replaces QuickBooks' Simple Manufacturing Features with Advanced Ones, Such As:

  • Creating multilevel bills of materials and work orders
  • Tracking an almost unlimited number of parts
  • Tracking parts in as many locations as you need, using serial numbers, lot numbers, revision numbers or a host of other fields
  • Automatically reordering parts when they reach a low threshold
  • Creating manufacture orders to oversee complex manufacturing jobs with multiple work orders
  • Checking the status of products that are in production
  • Gaining access to an inventory database through mobile devices
  • And much more!

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