SalesPoint by Fishbowl

fishbowl salespoint™ is a new retail management solution for point of sale order processing.

Fishbowl is combining its powerful core products Fishbowl Manufacturing® (FBM) and Fishbowl Warehouse® (FBW) with SalesPoint, a new retail management solution for point of sale order processing. SalesPoint is designed to work directly with FBM or FBW and offers retail software and hardware for businesses that need sales and payment processing along with the manufacturing or warehouse management processes required to operate successfully.

some of salespoint's advanced features include:

Click here to download a SalesPoint Product Info Sheet PDF.

Touchscreen Ready

SalesPoint is touchscreen-friendly software with an easy-to-use interface and intuitive screen layout.

Barcode Ready

Functionality includes a barcode-ready design with the ability to scan items by product number, UPC, or SKU. Products can be sold individually or as a kit, and you can quickly manage discounts, promotions, and other custom prices with our customizable pricing options.

Many Tracking Options

SalesPoint also offers the ability to sell products tracked by serial number, expiration date, lot number, or any additional tracking fields that may be needed.

Payment Processing

Payment Processing is easy to manage with direct credit card processing through QuickBooks Payments or, as well as cash and check payments.

Fishbowl Integration

With the back-end inventory management of Fishbowl and front-end point of sale software of SalesPoint, you can streamline your cash flow and process management.