Fishbowl Go

take your warehouse to the next level by incorporating powerful, easy-to-use bar-coding technology.

Fishbowl Go is a mobile app that integrates with Fishbowl Manufacturing® and Fishbowl Warehouse® to handle the physical inventory side of business. Access Fishbowl Go on any mobile device with Android or iOS operating systems, and use it to scan barcodes and perform many key inventory management jobs throughout your warehouse.

Get Fishbowl Go and accelerate your warehouse management processes.

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Cycle Counting

Fishbowl Go makes updating product quantities much easier with its cycle counting feature! Check out our Cycle Counting Inventory Page to learn more.

Scan In with the Receiving Module

With the simple scan of a bar-code, you can receive inventory into your system as it comes off the truck, make adjustments to quantities being received, and enter tracking information in real time. Receive parts with serial numbers, lot numbers, revision levels and expiration dates. Fishbowl Go even suggests where to place your incoming inventory, helping your workers become even more efficient.

Scan Out with the Picking Module

Fishbowl Go lets you start and finish a pick order right from your handheld device. Instead of having to print a pick order, the program walks you through your warehouse telling you where to pick and the quantity needed to fill your order. Save time by combining multiple orders and picking them simultaneously. Pick inventory for sales orders, work orders, transfer orders and vendor returns.

Move Inventory on the Go

Keep your warehouse up to date by recording inventory movements as they happen. Many inventory discrepancies occur as the result of misplaced, moved or poorly recorded parts. Rather than trying to keep track of which parts are moved to new locations and entering changes after the fact, Fishbowl Go allows you to simply scan the location and part bar codes to record the move of your inventory. You'll save time by recording the movement of inventory as it occurs.

Retrieve Part Information

Quickly and easily look up part descriptions, UPC's, and real-time part tracking information. Use existing UPC's, serial & lot numbers, expiration dates, or Fishbowl-generated barcodes to manage your inventory with accuracy and efficiency. You can even assign new or updated UPC's. If you're using a wireless device and happen to leave your coverage area, your data is automatically preserved and ready to resubmit once the connection is reestablished. Also, Fishbowl's security settings let you customize access rights by user.