Improve your inventory flow with Fishbowl’s powerful manufacturing and inventory tracking features

A manufacturing and warehouse management solution like Fishbowl helps you keep the right number of parts and finished products on hand, which is invaluable in the Semiconductor industry. Fishbowl helps you track serial numbers and lot numbers, use bin tracking, integrate with QuickBooks, create sub-assemblies, scan barcodes, and generate sales orders.

Serial Numbers and Lot Numbers – Serial numbers and lot numbers make it possible to monitor inventory locations and also track down items that are part of specific sales orders.

Bin Tracking – Locations, location groups, and sub-locations allow you to create warehouses, divide each one into sections, and track inventory right down to the aisle, shelf, and bin number.

QuickBooks Integration – Fishbowl’s seamless integration with QuickBooks allows you to schedule regular updates of your accounting solution by your inventory management solution.

Manufacturing – Work orders are great for all sorts of manufacturing jobs, and you can add instructions to them. In addition, you can use sub-assemblies in the form of bills of materials for big jobs.

Scanning – You can download an app called Fishbowl Go to turn your smartphone or tablet into a mobile barcode scanner. Scanning barcodes is faster and more accurate than making notes by hand.

Sales Orders – Fishbowl generates a sales order whenever you make a sale. It contains detailed information on product names and quantities, as well as customer addresses, phone numbers, and emails.

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