Fishbowl has everything a retailer needs to manage its inventory effectively

Fishbowl has a lot of features in store for the Retail industry. This retail inventory management software integrates with a variety of shopping carts and point-of-sale solutions to facilitate online sales. It also uses automatic reorder points to keep your store well-stocked, plus multi-location tracking, barcode scanning, and the ability to attach product images to pick tickets and other places.

Shopping Cart Integrations – To make it easier to accept online payments from customers for goods sold, Fishbowl integrates with Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, Magento, Shopify, 3dcart, Volusion, Web Shop Manager, WooCommerce, X-Cart, and Zen Cart.

Point-of-Sale Integrations – Fishbowl integrates with a number of credit card processors, such as Authorize.Net, CardConnect, PayPal, and Square. It also offers its own point-of-sale solution, Fishbowl Checkout, to add payments directly to your inventory file.

Auto Ordering – You want to keep your inventory turnover ratio at a steady pace. The Auto ROP tool lets you create reorder points for all of your products so that when they get low, they can be automatically reordered. You can even make seasonal adjustments based on past sales data and forecasts. This helps keep your inventory turnover going smoothly, minimizing the risk of excess inventory and keeping stock levels from fluctuating.

Locations – Fishbowl lets you create an automatic purchase order (for new items) for all of your merchandise. They can factor in seasonal demand and customer demand, and they can be adjusted to meet future needs. This way, you don’t need to worry whether certain items run out of stock. You can minimize the risk of lost sales and even help with inventory tracking.

Scanning – You can create many locations and then track each one’s physical inventory. Transfer items from one to another and make adjustments on a per-location basis.

Product Images – A great feature in Fishbowl is the ability to add images of products, so that when you’re ordering, picking, or performing other inventory jobs, you can see exactly which products you are looking for.

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