Fishbowl’s manufacturing and warehouse management software is an easy pill to swallow

Pharmaceuticals require exact formulas and precise monitoring, and your inventory can’t be any different. Fishbowl brings the details to keep your materials and finished goods consistent, while providing the tools to adhere to the strictest regulations.

Use features like:

Functionality for FDA Compliance – Fishbowl provides your business the tools you need to meet your requirements. Audits, Lot and Serial Traceability, Expiration Tracking, Handling Yields, and More.

Manufacturing – Make sure all of your products are manufactured in a precise fashion by using work orders and bills of materials. You can add notes and instructions to them, as well.

Inventory Flow – During the manufacturing process, Fishbowl lets you see where each item is and its condition. Track items by room as they go from one area to the next to be worked on in different ways.

Outsource Manufacturing – If you want to outsource manufacturing, you can do that by creating purchase orders and receiving finished goods into your warehouse.

Tracking Lot Numbers and Expiration Dates – Lot numbers and expiration dates help you sort goods by batch and make sure goods don’t go bad before you can sell them.

Unit-of-Measure Conversions – You can create as many unit-of-measure conversions as you like in Fishbowl. You can even convert raw materials into finished products to calculate how many raw materials you need to complete an order.

Testing Locations – There are countless locations that can be added to Fishbowl. A particularly useful type is a testing location, which can be used not for selling products, but for evaluating them.

Scanning – The Fishbowl Go app lets you use your smartphone or tablet as a barcode scanner. Print barcode labels to attach to items and shelves and then scan them to pick, transfer, and reorder items.

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