Fishbowl is an ideal inventory management solution for manufacturers

Did you know Fishbowl is the #1 selling manufacturing and warehouse management solution for QuickBooks? Many manufacturers use Fishbowl for job costing, tracking raw materials and finished products, scanning barcodes, generating bills of materials for sub-assemblies, and tracking inventory flow. And that’s just scratching the surface of how it can help your manufacturing business.

Job Costing – It can be difficult to determine the true cost of parts. That’s why Fishbowl lets you add all of the costs, such as machine time, parts, and labor, so you have a complete view of the facts.

Tracking Raw Materials and Finished Goods – Keep track of how many raw materials and finished products you have on hand. In fact, you can create unit-of-measure conversions so you will be able to tell how many finished products you can make from the available raw materials.

Scanning – Use a barcode scanner to update your inventory records with items picked, received, ordered, and more.

Configurable Work Orders – You can create a work order for all kinds of manufacturing jobs, such as assembly, disassembly, replacement, repair, and custom.

Sub-assemblies – Fishbowl has the ability to group several bills of materials together as sub-assemblies to make sure complex manufacturing jobs are done in a specific order.

Inventory Flow – Track the flow of inventory as items go from one stage of production to the next. For example, you can designate separate rooms as sub-locations for painting, bottling, and other manufacturing jobs.

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