Hotel & Hospitality

Cruise through your asset tracking processes with Fishbowl’s help

Businesses in the Hotel & Hospitality industry can benefit from improved asset tracking. Fishbowl gives you access to barcode scanning, multiple locations, expiration dates for perishable goods, and reorder points on a per-location basis. All of these features are designed to help you save money and increase efficiency.

Asset Tracking – Use Fishbowl to scan assets in and out of the system. Keep track of item quantities, locations, and more on a handy barcode scanner or other mobile device.

Multiple Locations – You can create all sorts of locations and sub-locations to store your assets, equipment, and products. This makes them easy to find so you don’t have to randomly hunt for them.

Expiration Date Tracking – You can track food items and other perishable goods by their expiration dates to help you cycle through them rather than letting older ones spoil and go to waste.

Reorder Points by Location – Different locations need different inventory quantities. You can set up auto reorder points that apply to each location, and you can even adjust them based on seasonal and forecasted factors.

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