Gun Tracking & Inventory Management

Keep your inventory management right on target with Fishbowl

To comply with government regulations and keep your customers happy, Firearm manufacturers and sellers need a powerful inventory management system. That’s why Fishbowl offers an ATF Logbook report, serial-number tracking, barcode scanning, sub-assemblies, and user rights to help you stay within the law and keep your inventory levels right on target.

ATF Logbook – The ATF Logbook report allows you to track each firearm’s type, caliber or gauge, and manufacturer, as well as customers’ and vendors’ Federal Firearm License Numbers.

Serial Numbers – Fishbowl has a virtually unlimited number of criteria you can use to track inventory. Serial numbers are particularly useful to firearm manufacturers and sellers.

Custom Tracking – You can create any tracking criteria you like with custom fields. For example, many firearms manufacturers and sellers use custom tracking for rifle gauges.

Scanning – Eliminate double data entry and safeguard your information by using mobile devices to scan barcodes for picking, packing, shipping, receiving, ordering, and other warehouse jobs.

Manufacturing – You can create work orders for assembly, disassembly, repair, replacement, and custom manufacturing jobs. Plus, you can add detailed instructions to work orders.

Staging – To ensure production stages are done in the right order, you can create sub-assemblies in the form of multiple bills of materials.

User Rights – User rights play an important role in complying with government regulations. Make sure you know who sold firearms to customers by recording them in Fishbowl and attaching them to specific users.

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