Get a customized approach to manufacturing and inventory management with Fishbowl

Companies in the Engineer-to-Order space understand the importance of customization. And so do we. Fishbowl is designed specifically to meet your specifications, thanks to its ability to create customized bills of materials, integrate with SolidWorks, use sub-assemblies in the manufacturing process, and convert manufacture orders into purchase orders.

Custom Bill of Materials – You can create bills of materials for all sorts of manufacturing jobs and attach them to the appropriate work orders.

SolidWorks Integration – Fishbowl integrates with SolidWorks to let you put theoretical designs into production by creating work orders and bills of materials for them.

Staging – You can create production stages or sub-assemblies in a bill of materials to make sure complex manufacturing jobs are completed in a certain order.

MO to PO – There’s a button in Fishbowl that lets you instantly generate a purchase order for short items on a manufacture order. You can even create a PO for all of the items on the MO.

Scanning – The Fishbowl Go app lets you use your smartphone or tablet as a barcode scanner. Print barcode labels to attach to items and shelves and then scan them to pick, transfer, and reorder items.

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