Manage your inventory across all of your ecommerce accounts and keep your inventory levels up-to-date

Ecommerce businesses must quickly fulfill orders to keep their customers happy, and an inventory management system is an essential component of this strategy. Fishbowl is a great ecommerce inventory management solution because it speeds up picking, packing and shipping, integrates with numerous shopping carts and payment processors, uses Avalara to calculate taxes for you, and automatically generates sales and purchase orders.

Pick, Pack, and Ship – Fishbowl integrates with all major shippers and other solutions to speed up the order fulfillment process. You can perform batch picks and use barcode scanners to boost accuracy.

Shopping Cart Integrations – The shopping carts Fishbowl integrates with include Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, Magento, Shopify, 3dcart, Volusion, Web Shop Manager, WooCommerce, X-Cart, and Zen Cart.

Avalara Integration – Fishbowl integrates with Avalara to simplify tax calculations. This is a must-have solution for companies that sell to customers in many locations with different tax rates.

Payment Processors – To accept payments from customers directly into your inventory file, you can integrate Fishbowl with Authorize.Net, CardConnect, PayPal, and/or Square.

Automated Sales Orders – Sales orders are automatically generated when you make a sale online, and it’s easy to issue them, too.

Auto Purchasing and Purchase Orders – You can create automatic reorder points on all of your parts and products so that when they start to run out, the system will know to generate a purchase order for them.

Scanning – The Fishbowl Go app lets you use your smartphone or tablet as a barcode scanner. Print barcode labels to attach to items and shelves and then scan them to pick, transfer, and reorder items.

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