Fishbowl helps you stay compliant and be at the forefront of your biotechnology inventory management

Biotechnology requires staying current with technology, and your inventory is no different. Fishbowl provides product information traceability that is vital for FDA compliance.

Use features like:

Functionality for FDA Compliance – Fishbowl provides your business the tools you need to meet your requirements. Audits, lot and serial traceability, expiration tracking, handling yields, and more.

Asset Tracking by Expiration Date and Serial Number – If you work with perishable goods, it’s a good idea to track them by expiration date. In addition, Fishbowl lets you use serial numbers to differentiate your inventory items and monitor quantities.

Custom Tracking – Biotechnology is a big industry, so one form of tracking may not be enough for every company. Use any criteria you like to track industry by using custom fields.

Mobile Technology and Scanning – Fishbowl offers an app to turn your smartphone and tablet into mobile scanning devices. This empowers employees to do more and be more productive with their time.

Compliance with Government Regulations – Automated data entry, integrations, audit trails, and user rights help you to keep your data secure, prevent errors, and stay within the law.

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