Fishbowl puts you behind the wheel of your Automotive inventory management

Get your inventory management system firing on all cylinders by using Fishbowl Manufacturing. From bills of materials and sub-assemblies to serial numbers and cost tracking, Fishbowl gives your Automotive business the manufacturing features it needs to put you in the driver's seat of your company's inventory management.

Manufacturing/Bills of Materials – Create a bill of materials for each item you manufacture to record parts, costs, and many other important things that go into the manufacturing process.

Sub-assemblies – In Fishbowl, sub-assemblies are known as production stages. Whatever they are called, they let you separate large manufacturing jobs into simpler steps so everything gets done in the right order.

Serial Numbers – Each cylinder head, air filter, and car battery you have in stock and use on a regular basis can be tagged with a unique serial number to help you monitor its quantity and order more to avoid a stockout.

Track All Product Costs – Make sure you know the exact cost of goods sold by adding milling machine and labor costs to the cost of obtaining the actual parts. Fishbowl helps you accurately track all of these factors.

Scanning – The Fishbowl Go app lets you use your smartphone or tablet as a barcode scanner. Print barcode labels to attach to items and shelves and then scan them to pick, transfer, and reorder items.

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