“The business has evolved from the very inception.” Sam Bushman, IT Director 

Starting as just a wholesale company with a couple of big clients in Salt Lake City, Utah, Teton Sports has seen the struggles and growth of becoming a large wholesale and retail company. But their goal has remained the same; no matter the budget, everyone should be able to get outdoors and enjoy life.

As the business has continued to grow since 2005, starting as a business selling top-quality sleeping bags, backpacks, tents, and other outdoor accessories, the need for a robust inventory management system couldn’t have come at a better time. Finding an order and inventory management solution was the biggest key for Teton Sports. They needed a system that could not only be flexible but evolve and scale with the business.  


The growth of the business required more attention to detail and a greater sense of managing the inventory. Spending too much time on spreadsheets and less time on more strategic work, the team knew they needed a change. By identifying the challenges they were facing, they could clearly see the specific product attributes that would be most helpful in streamlining their operations, like: 

  • A more robust picking process 
  • An integration with QuickBooks 
  • Multi-location management capabilities 

With the company growing so quickly, they realized they needed a solution that could help keep their inventory in line, so that their  warehouse could stock and reserve products for customers properly. They would need a solution that could handle order fulfillment in multiple locations due to their rapid growth. 

The solution to these challenges was Fishbowl 

Fishbowl came in not only to solve these challenges for Teton Sports, but to evolve and scale with the company that has become who they are today.  


With the ability to keep QuickBooks to manage the accounting side of the business, Fishbowl has proven to be a must-have solution for Teton Sports.  

“Fishbowl handles the order entry, handles all the cyclical counts, handles all the inventory things you could ever want with multiple warehouses and product locations to bin numbers to first-in-first-out inventory to lot numbers. Any way you want to break it down, Fishbowl is capable of doing that.” – Sam Bushman, IT Director 

One of the team’s favorite features during this evolution was Fishbowl’s Order Fulfillment. Fishbowl’s goal is to allow teams to manage their warehouse operations with ease, from picking and packing, to shipping and reordering. Teams should be confident that their orders are being handled efficiently with an inventory management solution 

“If another company was wanting to use Fishbowl, I would say, ‘Do it. Do it now!’ because your business is going to grow immensely just from having that support on the back end,” – Julie Bushman, Director of Finance & Operations 

Teton Sports continues to evolve while never forgetting one of their main goals, helping people of all ages connect with nature in a positive way, and Fishbowl has been able to be a part of that journey helping the team manage their inventory successfully.