Stego® Industries is the leader in below-slab moisture vapor protection in North America. They have earned the respect, trust, and recommendation of the design and construction community through their commitment to education and technical support.

Their team specializes in the subject of moisture protection and control for the sixth side of the building: the foundation or concrete slab. They educate the design and construction community to find sustainable solutions to ensure healthy indoor environments.

Moisture-related flooring failures, indoor air quality issues, and lost energy efficiency cost the construction industry billions of dollars each year. Their product, Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier, is the most commonly specified below-slab vapor barrier in the industry. Along with Stego Wrap, they have a full line of accessories to complete a comprehensive and successful installation.

Stego Industries is committed to sustainable business practices. They implemented their Carbon Footprint Project, which is their pledge to eliminate the carbon emissions of their business operations. Currently, Stego operates from a 100 percent solar-powered headquarters in San Clemente, California.

Stego Industries

Business Challenges & Needs

“Two years ago we were still using our initial base system,” says Joe Marks, Director of Operations at Stego Industries. “It was a very elegant and efficient solution for what Stego was and needed in 2000. It was not scalable, however, to where we were or where we were going.”

They found themselves with a paper intensive, manual system that had their order entry and fulfillment team working long hours to complete what should have been a manageable amount of product flow in and out of their system of warehouses, distributors, and manufacturing facilities.

Marks explains, “Since we used (and still use) QuickBooks for our accounting solution, which was already somewhat tightly coupled with our order desk and fulfillment department, we tried to fix our inefficiency problems with a new version of QuickBooks that was advertised to handle order entry, purchasing, and inventory needs as well as be our accounting solution.”

“We tried to fix our inefficiency problems with a new version of QuickBooks”– Joe Marks
Director of Operations, Stego Industries

The Solution

It took a few months to realize that the problem wasn’t that they weren’t using QuickBooks to the fullest, but that it simply wasn’t the right tool for the job. At that point, Marks was made aware of the issue, and he decided to research different solutions. “Everywhere I turned to search for order and inventory management solutions, I found Fishbowl.” Marks notes.

Fishbowl integrates with QuickBooks and it also had the other features that Marks was looking for to help with their challenges. “Once we got Fishbowl up and running, we found out just how easy our order management and inventory ‘problems’ were to solve,” Marks says. “Having accurate real-time inventory has taken a ton of stress out of our team.”

“Once we got Fishbowl up and running, we found out just how easy our order management and inventory ‘problems’ were to solve”– Joe Marks
Director of Operations, Stego Industries

Stego Industries

The Results

The increased efficiency realized by only entering data once and having Fishbowl organically manage inventory during its intuitive ordering and sales process has allowed their Fulfillment and Logistics department to work a total of 20 fewer man-hours a week.

“With these efficiencies, we’ve been able to focus on other areas of our operations, providing even more opportunities to find efficiencies and save time and money,” Marks explains.

His favorite things about working with Fishbowl include the support staff and the Data module: “I love that I can chat with a knowledgeable support staff anytime I want (during business hours.) Each time I’ve contacted support via chat I’ve had my issue remedied pleasantly and efficiently. I also love the fact that I can now get at the data directly using the Data module.”

As a self-proclaimed power-user with some SQL skills, Marks says that gaining access to the raw data from the front end is very convenient.

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