Red-X Medical, Inc. is located in Miami, Florida and is quickly becoming one of the top distributors in the Pharmaceutical industry. Red-X became a member of Fishbowl’s customer base in January of 2005. Upon implementation of Fishbowl, Red-X noticed how effortlessly their day-to-day processes streamlined and was thankful to now have a real time inventory software system.

Red-X Medical

Business Challenges & Needs

Red-X found itself rapidly expanding and needed an inventory software to integrate with QuickBooks and accomplish their day-to-day processes. In addition, it was vital to have inventory software that could track lot numbers in order to keep up with industry standards. Edwin, President of Red-X, stated, “We needed a reliable system where sales reps could view real time inventory, a one-stop-shop to accomplish all of our daily tasks.” Furthermore, Red-X knew it would benefit from Fishbowl’s SDK (Software Development Kit) allowing them to have third party integration. Red-X was looking for a complete inventory software program.

The Solution

Fishbowl Warehouse became attractive to Red-X when they realized their need to track parts by lot numbers. Each Red-X part now has a lot number attached with the ability of adding expiration date tracking as well. In addition, every sales rep now views real time inventory, sells products they have on hand, and lets customers know when their products can be received. Fishbowl was also enticing as an inventory software program, because Red-X needed an application that would allow for third party integration. With third party interface Red-X can comply with Pedigree laws and input necessary pedigree documentation for each product. Fishbowl became the complete inventory software system Red-X was looking for; giving them software they can count on. Edwin summed up his thoughts saying, “Without Fishbowl, things would have been difficult.

Red-X Medical

The Results

After implementing Fishbowl, Red-X was thrilled that Fishbowl was exactly what they had hoped for. Their daily processes were streamlined into one effective system. In addition, Red-X President, Edwin, acknowledged that they have saved roughly $60,000 and hundreds of hours of work throughout the year. Also, they now need fewer employees because Fishbowl is filling those roles, allowing employees to focus on other aspects of the company. Red-X recommends Fishbowl to anyone in the Pharmaceutical industry who is looking for a total inventory software program.