Mack & Rex is a small family-owned business in Utah. With the main goal in mind of spreading happiness, CEO Christy Hair and her two daughters have been creating unique bracelets for all ages.  

Starting from the kitchen table to the basement, now into a fully stocked warehouse, Mack & Rex is now fully capable, relying on Fishbowl to manage their inventory and manufacturing process on one single platform while selling to tens of thousands of customers. 


The ability to track inventory was becoming an issue as business started to pick up. Before Fishbowl, Christy said it was hard to know how much inventory they needed to order because they didn’t have the appropriate visibility to create the products. The team would find themselves overstocked on some materials, and understocked on others.  

Another challenge they found themselves having was time. They would spend so much time manually entering every order, that they were unable to work efficiently and focus on more strategic ways to run and grow the business.  


Mack & Rex were able to improve productivity, efficiency, and customer care by using Fishbowl Advanced to manage their inventory and warehouse.Removing stress, saving money, and giving them time back.  

“Fishbowl changed everything! We were able to shave 50 hours a week off order entry and save 30 hours on manufacturing transactions as well.” – Christy Hair, CEO 

Running a more efficient business  

Fishbowl has helped Mack & Rex save approximately $7000 a month on personnel, and $1800 a month with accurate inventory tracking. Altogether, Mack & Rex is saving around $8800 a month, which becomes $105,600 a year.  

Saving this amount of money, a year creates a massive positive impact for a small, growing business. Oftentimes, Small and Midsize Business (SMB) owners pour their earnings back into the business. Saving six figures on costs allows an SMB to grow faster, add more resources, free up time to focus on strategic initiatives, and give leadership the space to breathe! 

With the business running more efficiently, they have more time to look at more strategic and future opportunities to bring in more revenue.  

Fishbowl has given Mack & Rex the confidence to take on more 

With Fishbowl’s recent acquisition of Sellware, a leader in international multichannel e-commerce for SMBs, customers can now integrate Fishbowl with Sellware to connect to other channels, shopping carts, and marketplaces. 

“Because we now can integrate with Sellware, we are unafraid to take on some other revenue channels we’ve been avoiding. We are confident that our inventory will be aligned and accounted for, while our orders can flow into Fishbowl, picking, packing, and shipping as normal.” Christy Hair, CEO 

Mack & Rex relies on Fishbowl to efficiently manage their inventory and operational processes all in one place. Giving them the confidence to run the business effectively and provide high-quality service to their customers.