Jeff Berry, a homeowner in Mississippi and a happy Fishbowl customer, learned the hard way that failure to change his filters can have a high cost. When he remodeled his home he ended up with four separate heating and air units, all requiring different-sized filters. He wasn’t sure how often he needed to replace them or what size and what type of filters he needed. Did he need the allergen-free kind or does it even matter? These questions went unanswered for many months. A burned-out air conditioning motor and $5,000 later, Berry came up with an idea to make that whole process a lot easier with his online air filter supply business,

The concept is simple. You take two or three minutes to go online and schedule the recurring shipment of your new filters for as long as you own your home. Need a 20x25x1 maximum allergen fighting filter every two months? How about a 16x25x4 for the master bedroom? Or 18x24x1 for the basement? Just fill out the simple filter information cheat sheet provided on their website, enter the information on the order page, and provide instructions for which filter and/or room it goes to, and place the order. Your credit card will be automatically charged and the filter(s) will be delivered on the scheduled day, without ever having to worry about it again.

A custom label on each filter tells customers exactly where it belongs, and a large plastic bag is included to take away the old filter. Those of us out west or in newer homes, with only one filter to change, may not fully appreciate the agony of five different-sized filters to replace… in five different locations…. at five different times. That’s where’s custom labels and regular delivery saves the day, not to mention your time and money.

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Business Challenges & Needs

According to Berry, tracks more than 200 SKUs and they keep their inventory in an old medical building, sorted by air filter quality in order to simplify the picking process. They needed an easy-to-use inventory system that could integrate with QuickBooks and manage all of the purchasing, as well as picking, packing, and shipping their company required. And since this was a new company, they needed help in the design and layout of their new website.

The Solution chose Fishbowl Warehouse as their warehouse management solution because of its QuickBooks integration and numerous inventory tracking features.

They also decided to work with DesignForest (, a longtime Fishbowl partner for ecommerce Web design and data migration needs.

To provide the direct integration to Fishbowl, went with the Magento shopping cart integration provided by Sharpe Concepts, another Fishbowl partner.

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The Results

Fishbowl Warehouse allows to keep an accurate count of their products and quickly reorder them when they get low. It also speeds up their picking, packing, and shipping processes.

DesignForest took their website design requirements and created the entire back-end infrastructure for online order processing and the necessary database for the ongoing reorder process behind the whole concept.

As a result of their Magento shopping cart integration, orders that are processed on the website are automatically pushed over to the Fishbowl database along with all the specifications and instructions for each filter. The order is then picked, packed, and shipped (along with a large plastic bag for the dirty old filter) to the customer. Fishbowl keeps track of inventory levels and notifies the company when a product needs to be reordered. As orders are shipped, Fishbowl automatically sends the sales order to QuickBooks and makes the appropriate general ledger adjustments based on the value of the sold items.

With their inventory under control, a website working flawlessly, and their ordering process easy and intuitive, is taking care of business and changing the way homeowners change their air filters.