Picking… In Color!

February 13, 2015
Green means go, yellow means caution, and red means stop. That’s true in traffic flow – and now it’s true in order management, too.

Traffic Signals

Red means stop, yellow means caution, and green means go in order management, Fishbowl BlogWhen fulfilling orders, it’s really helpful to know if you have enough inventory on hand to actually fill the orders you receive. That’s why Fishbowl 2015 has a fantastic new feature that lets you pick orders… in color! Instead of seeing a screen full of black-and white orders, Fishbowl now shows them in three colors: green, yellow and red. And each color means something very important: Green: There is enough inventory currently in stock to fully pick the order. Yellow: There is at least one item that is not adequately stocked to cover the amount needed for the order. Red: There is not enough inventory in stock to cover any of the items in the order.

Moving Forward