New ERP/MRP Costs a Fraction of the Price of Other Systems

September 26, 2011
Fishbowl is now offering a complete enterprise resource planning/material requirements planning (ERP/MRP) system to midsize businesses. It’s called Fishbowl Enterprise. Often, companies grow to a point where their old accounting and inventory management tools don’t have enough features to meet their needs anymore. So they think the only option is to move to an expensive ERP/MRP system that they can barely afford. Now there’s a better solution. While a high-end ERP/MRP system can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to renew, Fishbowl Enterprise costs about $45,000 and it has much smaller annual renewal fees. Midsize businesses get all the ERP software features they’re looking for at a fraction of the cost of what they’re currently paying. Watch this video to hear Fishbowl CEO David Williams explain how Fishbowl Enterprise combines inventory management, barcoding, accounting and many other business tools in one package. And sign up for a free Fishbowl Enterprise demo here.