Navigating the Maze of Inventory Management

March 14, 2012
Tell me if you’ve ever had this feeling: You’ve hit a dead end. You feel like you’re just banging your head against a brick wall. You’re boxed in. However you describe it, this is not a pleasant experience, especially if it happens while you’re trying to run a business. Maze solved, Fishbowl Inventory BlogMany business owners eventually run into this problem as their company grows and gets more complex. Pretty soon you find that a lot of things you used to handle in QuickBooks, like inventory management, have become too difficult and time-consuming to do that way. Thank goodness there’s a solution to this problem. Fishbowl Inventory helps you navigate the maze of managing your inventory by giving you access to the following tools: Automatic Reorder Points. Fishbowl Inventory figures out your optimal inventory levels, which helps not only keep the right amount of inventory on hand but also reorder products when the time is right. You can set up automatic reorder points, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally running too low on products. QuickBooks Integration. Whenever you make a change in Fishbowl Inventory, it is automatically sent to QuickBooks. That means you don’t have to enter the same information in two different places when you place orders, receive inventory or perform other inventory management tasks. Barcode Scanners. Fishbowl Inventory dramatically speeds up your warehouse management, order management, and other processes by allowing you to use wireless mobile devices to scan product barcodes. These and many other inventory management tools will help you increase your efficiency and save money. Fishbowl Inventory can help you avoid hitting a dead end and instead find the path to prosperity. Get a free tour of Fishbowl Inventory today to learn more.