Meet Fishbowl’s Amazing Customers

April 4, 2017
Meet Fishbowl's amazing customers, Fishbowl BlogThis is the 900th blog post on the Fishbowl Blog! Every time we reach a new milestone like this we take the time to call out something special about Fishbowl or what we’ve been doing on this blog over the years. This time, though, we are going to highlight some of the companies that have made Fishbowl’s enduring success possible. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies that have experienced huge benefits by using Fishbowl Manufacturing, Fishbowl Warehouse, and various other Fishbowl products and integrations. And we’ve managed to record some of their stories in video and written case studies. Not everyone has time to read through an entire case study or watch the whole thing, so we’ve helpfully pulled a small paragraph or sentence from each one to give you a flavor of their overall message.  


BEX Sunglasses “In a time when everything is moving so fast in technology and business, you adapt or you die. Fishbowl allows us to do that. They are, in my opinion, for the small business. It allows our staff the opportunity to stay on the same page and to be able to deliver phenomenal results, and the whole time understanding the process.” Spark R&D “I have nothing but confidence that Fishbowl is going to continue to suit our needs now and in the future as we grow as a company.” Teas Etc. “Fishbowl makes our organic product tracking and reconciliation significantly easier and more accurate… Through Fishbowl, we track the flavored tea leaves, blended product, and packaged product. If we don’t have, at minimum, those flavored tea leaves ready to be blended (which doesn’t require the same amount of time) it causes a chain reaction in our production system and significantly impairs our turnaround time.” Steps To Literacy “With Fishbowl, our inventory demands are known as soon as we issue a sales order. This alone allows us to see what parts need to be ordered 3-4 days earlier than with [our previous system].” KidWind Project Inc. “Fishbowl transformed the operation of the organization, and, in particular, radically transformed the relationships among the staff. Fishbowl is organized into very specific functions like Sales, Manufacturing, Purchasing, etc., which forced us to clearly define everyone’s function at Kid Wind. Fishbowl helped us make moves to improve organizational health. Six months after Fishbowl was implemented, things calmed down. We now have peace.” Pacific Valley Dairy “Fishbowl pretty much runs our whole business. You can’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new system. A small company like ours can get Fishbowl to do a lot of the important stuff for us.” Chung’s Gourmet Foods “I am amazed each and every day how much Fishbowl does versus the more expensive package we used at my prior company and it doesn’t cost millions. In fact, Fishbowl is only a fraction of the price of other options we considered.” Industrial Engine Service “Tech support has been wonderful; they always have answers for our questions. We’re really pleased. This is much better than calling someone who doesn’t know enough to help and can’t answer our questions. They even use remote desktop to help us do a few things. They’ve been very helpful.” Backyard Adventures “With Fishbowl and QuickBooks, we can complete our customer jobs in less time with more accuracy. Our orders are complete and accurate, which saves everyone time.”  

Wholesale Distribution

Stego Industries “Once we got Fishbowl up and running, we found out just how easy our order management and inventory ‘problems’ were to solve. Having accurate real-time inventory has taken a ton of stress out of our team.” Wholesale Boutique “Our Fishbowl technician was able to configure Fishbowl to connect our PDG Commerce Web store and our QuickBooks Enterprise environments seamlessly and with no downtime to our Order Processing Department. Orders kept coming in, and we were able to continue to ship them out within a couple hours of going live!” “As a result of their Magento shopping cart integration, orders that are processed on the website are automatically pushed over to the Fishbowl database along with all the specifications and instructions for each filter.” Mending Shed “Fishbowl has essentially improved every aspect of our operation in some way or another. To train new employees I just had to teach them the Location Scheme we implemented with Fishbowl and within a few days the new employee was just as efficient as the seasoned employees. We soon found that we had more employees than we had work for, so we re-tasked them to work on backburner projects, which has enabled us to improve and grow in areas we were unable to in the past.” Sole Envy “It was very easy to train them on the system—they basically just needed to enter in the name of the shoe and Fishbowl would do the rest by printing out the receipt and opening the register and completing the transaction. Behind the scenes it was keeping track of everything for us.” Arrowhead Electronic Healthcare “Upon implementing Fishbowl and going live with the inventory management program, they noticed how easy it is to see exactly where every part in inventory is and how long it has been there.” Crossroad Distributor Source “I’ve purchased, recommended purchase, and participated in the implementation of as many as a dozen manufacturing and distribution software packages. While most all were functional, not one was easy to implement and most were rather complicated from a user and training perspective. Considering the significant expense of all those packages, QuickBooks and Fishbowl have made me a believer. It is excellent software, robust, highly functional and a real value to any small business.” Quality Pet Products “Fishbowl basically allows us to continue using QuickBooks as our accounting software. The time it saves on a daily operations basis is equivalent to two office people per day—or 16 hours per day. We didn’t miss a beat. It saves time, allows us to do more with less staff, integrates into one piece of software, and prevents us from having to set up more workstations or servers.” Trimex Medical, Inc. “Fishbowl had all the feature sets already in place for our company.” Red-X Medical “Without Fishbowl, things would have been difficult.”  

Asset Tracking

Endodontic and Periodontic Associates “Doctors love to see savings. And our CPA loves it as well!” Mississippi State Department of Health “Using lessons learned during our response to Hurricane Katrina, we sought an inventory management system with a significant list of attributes we needed. Fishbowl was the only solution able to deliver on all points.” Santa Barbara County – IT Network Division “Not only do we trust the data and rely on the reports Fishbowl Warehouse generates, we have been able to use it to obtain financial support for additional assets and keep the system support in place even during budget cuts.”  

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