INVENTORY MAN…agement Is in Trouble

April 28, 2011
Welcome back to the exciting adventures of Inventory Man. At the end of part two, “INVENTORY MAN…agement to the Rescue,” Inventory Man saw three deadly robots hurtling toward Fishbowl Inventory headquarters and many others pillaging the city. Let’s see what happens next! The Incredibles logo is copyrighted by Disney and Pixar, Fishbowl Inventory BlogWith no time to lose, Inventory Man leaped into the air and began facing off with the closest robot to him. The robot swung its giant tentacles at Inventory Man, but he narrowly evaded its crushing blows. He couldn’t grab the tentacles and tie them together as he had done before because the robot had learned to move faster. Thinking quickly, Inventory Man hurtled toward the center of the robot, crushing it and sending it flying toward a body of water. He prepared to face off with two more robots coming his way. Suddenly, Inventory Man’s super-hearing picked up a scream coming from miles away at Fishbowl Inventory headquarters. It distracted him for just a moment, giving one of the robots a chance to smash its tentacle against him, knocking him several feet into the ground. Meanwhile at Fishbowl Inventory, Getting Oldsoon was watching in horror as three robots rapidly approached the building. Dave Williams had led the rest of the staff to safety on the building’s lower levels, while only Slowest Chain and Oldsoon stayed behind. The scream Inventory Man heard had come from one of the workers hurrying to the basement as she saw the robots getting closer. “We better get out of here right now, Ms. Chain!” he said, trying to pull her away from her computer. She had been studying something intently on her screen for more than a minute. She couldn’t be distracted or budged until a few seconds later when she exclaimed, “No, Getting. I think I’ve got a plan now. Follow me!” Back in the city, Inventory Man finally got the upper hand on his two attackers, literally disarming them. He quickly scanned the city and saw that no people were in any immediate danger from the other robots, so he raced back toward the Fishbowl building, hoping he wasn’t too late to save his friends. “I’m too late!” he thought as he got close enough to see one of the three robots landing atop the building. A moment later, Slowest Chain and Getting Oldsoon rushed out of a doorway on the roof, and the robot advanced toward them. Before Inventory Man could race to their rescue, the other two robots hurtled toward him, keeping him distracted. The third robot pointed its tentacles at Ms. Chain and Oldsoon, and they shrieked as they were both sucked up into its belly. Is this the end of Inventory Man’s friends, Slowest Chain and Getting Oldsoon? Stay tuned for the exciting finale of the adventures of Inventory Man…agement! You won’t want to miss it. And learn how inventory management software can help your business defeat the forces of evil. The Incredibles logo is the copyright of Disney and Pixar. It is used here under fair-use copyright law. This is a parody of Superman, who was created by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel.