Increasing Customer Satisfaction by Avoiding Stockouts

May 16, 2012
Stockouts are a nuisance to both businesses and customers, creating situations where no one is happy. You now have an order sitting in limbo that cannot be filled, while your customer resents the time lost waiting for your new inventory to arrive. You’ve worked hard over the years to secure and build a positive relationship with your customers, but regardless of that long-standing relationship, if your company cannot provide what customers need on time and on budget, then they’ll take their business elsewhere. Woman searching for products at a grocery store, Fishbowl Inventory BlogHaving a manufacturing inventory management system in place can help you manage and predict inventory patterns, eradicating consistent stockouts. The control built into the software allows users to monitor existing inventory in the warehouse, and alerts them to low levels so that crucial items can be reordered in time. Manufacturing inventory control allows organizations to maintain a complete overview of their warehouse inventory levels, avoiding both stockouts and the expenses that many organizations incur to get out-of-stock items into their warehouses quickly. hile manufacturing inventory control won’t completely eliminate stockout situations, it will reduce them significantly. That said, there is more to avoiding stockouts, and consequently increasing customer satisfaction, tha