How to Create an Online Store in Minutes

July 18, 2012
If you use Fishbowl Inventory to track and manage your assets for your small or midsize business, you already know that it is a powerful tool when partnered with QuickBooks or used as a standalone solution. FishBooks Pro takes Fishbowl a step further by customizing and enhancing your experience through creating new ways to integrate and report your inventory data.

FishBooks Pro logo, Fishbowl Inventory BlogMaking Ecommerce Easier

FishBooks Pro is launching FishMart Integrations, a new software solution to help bring together your ecommerce website and Fishbowl Inventory, making it easier to set up and manage your online store. After installing it, you can use FishMart Integrations through the Fishbowl Scheduler. With FishMart Integrations, the products and product tree categories in Fishbowl can be imported directly into an online store platform, such as Magento. Details like product name, number, description, price, and images are seamlessly transferred to your online store using FishMart Product Export. You can choose to export all of your products at once, or selected products, new products, etc. If these products are assigned to categories and subcategories in your product tree in Fishbowl, you can also export this information using the FishMart Product Tree Export Function. Separate pages for each category are automatically populated to your Magento online store, which makes it easy for your customers to find related products.

Tracking Orders

After setting up your products and categories, the next thing you need to do is start tracking your orders and store inventory. For orders, FishMart Order Import pulls your customer’s order and shipping information directly into Fishbowl, which can then be transferred into QuickBooks. It also handles billing, shipping, and contact information, as well as discounts, shipping costs, and tax. FishMart Shipment Export tells your online store that an order is completed when it’s shipped through Fishbowl. FishMart Inventory Export only updates product quantities that have changed, which eliminates long waits between comprehensive inventory counts.

Watch a Demo

Check out this step-by-step video demonstration of Fishbowl Magento Integration using FishMart Integrations by FishBooks Pro, and see how easy it is to use Fishbowl to manage your online store: