Here Is How QuickBooks Online and Desktop Compare

March 28, 2022

Beverly Lang, Fishbowl’s Senior Director of Integrated Services, is here once again to present valuable information on QuickBooks & More. After all, that is the name of Fishbowl’s new video series. This is the fifth video in the QuickBooks & More series. However, we’ve got many more of these planned. Thus, you can keep coming back for additional insights.

QuickBooks comes in both online and desktop versions, so which one is right for you? That is what Beverly explains in this video. In addition, she’ll show you how you can get incredible discounts on every version of QuickBooks. When you purchase through Fishbowl, you can save big. We’ll get more into that at the end of this blog post. But we wanted to mention it early on. So you know what to expect.

QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop

Desktop: QuickBooks Desktop comes in three forms: Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. The only difference between Pro and Premier is the number of users – three or up to five, respectively. On the other hand, Enterprise is the most robust accounting software to date. It lets you have up to 40 concurrent users, and its file size is five times what the other two versions offer.

Online: A SaaS model makes QuickBooks Online easier to access than a desktop solution. There are four versions of QuickBooks Online currently available:

  • Simple Start is glorified cash register that Beverly doesn’t use or recommend.
  • Essentials adds the ability to track time and to manage and pay bills.
  • Plus incudes inventory tracking and project profitability tracking.
  • Advanced is the best online platform by far. Beverly recommends this to 90 percent of her customers. In addition to everything in the other three versions, it offers business analytics, batch invoices, customized access rights, data backups, and up to 25 users. And there are many other advanced features, integrations, and support options, too.

Beverly highly recommends businesses check out QuickBooks Online Advanced. It’s approaching the functionality of QuickBooks Enterprise while also offering greater flexibility and security.

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Have More Questions?

Hey, you might be thinking, we overpromised and underdelivered in this blog post! Aren’t there a lot more topics we could have covered about QuickBooks? Indeed, the five topics we’ve covered in this series so far are:

You’re absolutely right. We haven’t run out of topics to address yet. In fact, that’s probably impossible, given the nature of QuickBooks and accounting, in general. But give us a little time and we will make good on the promise of this video series. Because QuickBooks & More is just getting started. These are just the first five videos in the series, and there’s a lot more to come. So stay tuned and keep coming back for more great insights like these.

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