Happy Manufacturing Day

October 2, 2015
Did you know that the first Friday of October is Manufacturing Day? Me neither, until recently. It may not be the most well-known holiday, and it’s certainly not a federal one, but it’s a fun reason to talk about manufacturing.

A Unique Holiday

Happy Manufacturing Day! Fishbowl BlogMost holidays commemorate a historical event (such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, and Memorial Day) or they celebrate certain people (such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Veterans Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, and Presidents’ Day). Manufacturing Day is different because it is a celebration of what many people do for a living. Sure, Labor Day is a day for laborers, in general, but Manufacturing Day is for people in a rather misunderstood industry. Manufacturing is something people do that improves their own lives as well as the lives of many other people.

The Facts on Manufacturing

Manufacturing is far from dead in America. I’ve discussed this in great detail in the past. Manufacturing accounts for approximately 12 percent of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product, and about 12 million people have jobs in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers typically earn more than the average worker, and many manufacturing jobs now require extensive technical knowledge rather than pure physical strength. Manufacturing may be getting more robotized, but that doesn’t mean humans are unnecessary. Machines need maintenance and supervision to ensure everything runs smoothly. And guess who’s really good at jobs like that? People!

Happy Manufacturing Day

To celebrate Manufacturing Day, let’s not only emphasize the important role it plays in people’s lives and the country’s economy, but also the way that it can be done more efficiently. Manufacturing inventory software, such as Fishbowl Manufacturing, lets companies automate the creation of bill of materials, work orders, manufacture orders, and other helpful tools. It also gives them the ability to organize their efforts, ensuring that each step in the manufacturing process is completed on schedule and by the right people.