Fishbowl’s Dozens of Software Integrations

January 1, 2016
Fishbowl integrates with dozens of software solutions, Fishbowl BlogAmazon, eBay, Dropbox, Etsy, UPS, FedEx, QuickBooks Online, Xero, and Salesforce are just a few of the dozens of online and desktop solutions Fishbowl integrates with. Here are Fishbowl’s 56 software integrations, separated into 11 categories and listed alphabetically. Visit the Fishbowl Integrations page, and also click on the other links found in this post to learn more about them.


QuickBooks: Fishbowl was one of the first Intuit Gold Developers to integrate with QuickBooks. It has been the No. 1 requested inventory solution for QuickBooks for more than a decade because it provides advanced inventory features that go beyond QuickBooks’ accounting features. QuickBooks Online: QuickBooks Online is the cloud-based version of the most popular accounting software for SMBs. And Fishbowl integrates with QuickBooks just as seamlessly as it does with all of the desktop versions of QuickBooks. QuickBooks Canada: As you might have guessed, QuickBooks Canada is an accounting solution that is designed to serve small and midsize businesses in Canada. Fishbowl Canada is the Canadian version of Fishbowl’s inventory software, and it obeys Canadian tax laws and integrates with QuickBooks Canada. Reckon: Reckon is an intuitive accounting solution that is mainly used by small businesses in Australia. Fishbowl’s integration with Reckon ensures you get all of the accounting and inventory management features that you need. Xero: Xero is an online accounting solution that lets small and midsize businesses store their accounting data in the cloud. Fishbowl integrates with Xero, eliminating double data entry and making it possible to always stay up to date on your inventory and accounting records.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Fishbowl Pipeline: Fishbowl Pipeline is an intuitive, Web-based CRM that is fully integrated with Fishbowl. You can both import and export customers, contacts, and other inventory-related details in order to nurture leads and customers over time. Salesforce: Salesforce is the leading CRM on the market today. There is both an iOS app (which synchronizes information between Salesforce and Fishbowl, and is the only integration that allows users to see inventory levels, locations, products, and pricing) and a full integration of Fishbowl with the Salesforce CRM software. SugarCRM: If you’re looking for an affordable CRM, SugarCRM might just be right for you. It allows you to store and share information about customers, vendors, products, and orders between Fishbowl and your CRM.


Amazon: Fishbowl integrates with Amazon, synchronizing product listings (including pictures, quantities and descriptions) from Fishbowl to the shopping cart. Orders are downloaded from the shopping cart into Fishbowl for fulfillment, and then shipping and tracking information is generated and communicated. AspDotNetStorefront: AspDotNetStorefront syncs product pictures, quantities, descriptions and listings from Fishbowl to its shopping cart. After an order is requested, Fishbowl is updated and it creates shipping and tracking information in preparation for the fulfillment process. BigCommerce: BigCommerce integrates Fishbowl’s product listings (including pictures, quantities, and descriptions) into its shopping cart. Once an order is ready for fulfillment, Fishbowl generates and sends out shipping and tracking information. eBay: Synchronize product listings, pictures, quantities, and descriptions from Fishbowl to eBay’s shopping cart. Orders get downloaded from eBay into Fishbowl for fulfillment, and Fishbowl creates shipping and tracking information. Etsy: Etsy integrates with Fishbowl to display product listings, pictures, quantities, and descriptions from Fishbowl in its shopping cart. Fishbowl creates shipping and tracking information when new orders are placed. Magento: Magento’s shopping cart uses product listings (including pictures, quantities, and descriptions) found in Fishbowl. After orders are downloaded into Fishbowl for fulfillment, their tracking and shipping information are automatically generated. Miva: Miva is an ecommerce solution that synchronizes product listings, pictures, quantities, and descriptions from Fishbowl into its shopping cart. After an order is placed, it is sent to Fishbowl for fulfillment. Fishbowl creates and communicates tracking and shipping information. Network Solutions: Network Solutions helps companies with domain name registration, Web hosting, website design, and more. Fishbowl integrates with Network Solutions, so when customers make purchases on your website Fishbowl is updated and it automatically starts the order fulfillment process. Opencart: Opencart is an ecommerce solution that populates its shopping carts with Fishbowl’s product listings (which include pictures, quantities, and descriptions). Fishbowl takes charge of fulfilling orders, automatically generating shipping and tracking information for them. Shopify: Product listings, pictures, quantities, and descriptions are synced from Fishbowl to Shopify’s ecommerce solution. After orders are placed they are sent to Fishbowl for fulfillment, and Fishbowl auto generates shipping and tracking information for them. 3dcart: 3dcart is an ecommerce solution that integrates with Fishbowl to provide product listings, pictures, quantities, and descriptions in its shopping cart. When Fishbowl receives an order, it automatically creates shipping and tracking information for it. Ubercart: Ubercart incorporates Fishbowl’s product listings, pictures, quantities, and descriptions into its shopping cart solution. Fishbowl handles order fulfillment, creating shipping and tracking information for orders that are placed in Ubercart. Volusion: Volusion is an ecommerce solution, and it syncs with Fishbowl’s product listings (including pictures, quantities, and descriptions). Once an order is placed, Volusion sends it to Fishbowl for fulfillment. Shipping and tracking information is quickly generated and communicated. Web Shop Manager: Web Shop Manager synchronizes product listings (including pictures, quantities, and descriptions) from Fishbowl to its shopping cart solution. New orders are transferred to Fishbowl for fulfillment so it can automatically generate shipping and tracking information. WooCommerce: Get ready to sync your Fishbowl product listings, pictures, quantities, and descriptions to WooCommerce’s shopping cart solution. WooCommerce transfers orders to Fishbowl for fulfillment, and Fishbowl prepares shipping and tracking information and then sends it to the appropriate parties. Zen Cart: Zen Cart is an ecommerce solution, and it utilizes the product listing, pictures, quantities, and descriptions from Fishbowl. Orders placed in Zen Cart’s shopping cart are downloaded into Fishbowl, which generates shipping and tracking information and handles the fulfillment process.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

SPS Commerce: SPS Commerce is a global provider of EDI services and analytics. This EDI solution allows you to connect and do business with tens of thousands of companies that require you to transact using their electronic requirements. Fishbowl still handles your order fulfillment and SPS Commerce handles the document and order delivery. TrueCommerce: This is a global provider of EDI services is a necessary tool when working with big box chains, such as Walmart, Target, Shopko, Cabela’s, and others. Limit your liability and increase your efficiency today.

Fishbowl Plus

Dropbox: Dropbox is a cloud-based tool for storing images, documents, and other files on a secure outside server. You can associate a virtually unlimited number of files with items and orders in Fishbowl, and access those files no matter what device you are using. Fishbowl Mobile: As its name suggests, Fishbowl Mobile is a wireless inventory solution. It uses barcode scanning to boost efficiency, reduce data errors, and eliminate headaches. Fishbowl Workforce: Fishbowl Workforce is an easy-to-use Web-based employee time clock software. Isn’t it about time?

Hosted Services

Amazon Web Services: Amazon Web Services allows you to host your data online and access it on mobile devices and desktop computers. Citrix: Fishbowl’s integration with Citrix allows you to host your inventory data in a virtual environment and access it from just about anywhere. Fishbowl Hosted Services: Fishbowl Hosted Services lets you access Fishbowl and many other software solutions on any device with an Internet connection. It protects against data theft and computer crashes by safely backing up your data.

Merchant Services

Authorize.Net: Fishbowl comes with a built-in connection to the Authorize.Net payment gateway, so you can quickly get it set up and start taking credit card payments. Intuit Merchant Service: If you’re using QuickBooks, you probably already have an Intuit Merchant Service account for taking credit cards. Fishbowl integrates seamlessly with this merchant service, so you can accept payments right through Fishbowl.

Mobile Hardware

Microsoft Surface: The Microsoft Surface is a tough, rugged tablet that can take a beating in an industrial work environment. It runs the full version of Windows and it has options for all sorts of carry straps and mounting kits. Ask a Fishbowl representative how to access Fishbowl on a Surface. Motorola: Barcoding is much easier when you use Fishbowl-certified Motorola devices. Whether it’s scanners or printers, these devices make Fishbowl accessible in all of your warehouses. Symbol: Symbol manufactures and supplies barcode scanners and other hardware to help with obtaining mobile inventory data. Fishbowl has some recommendations for world-class Symbol devices to optimize your Fishbowl experience. Unitech: Unitech manufactures high-quality barcode scanners and other inventory-related equipment. Fishbowl works very well on Unitech’s devices, giving your employees the ability to perform complex inventory tasks efficiently and accurately. Wasp Barcode Technologies: Wasp Barcode Technologies has been a leader in the barcode scanner market for over 20 years, offering a variety of barcode scanners to handle your business needs. If you need a barcode reader that works with Fishbowl, Wasp can help. Zebra: A big name in the barcoding world, Zebra provides leading-edge hardware solutions that will greatly aid you in your use of Fishbowl software. They offer barcoding, printing, and wireless network solutions that are easy to use, scalable, and reliable.


Android: Access your inventory data anywhere you have an internet connection on an Android device by using Fishbowl Hosted Services. You can use a smartphone to pick, pack, and ship more efficiently, take orders, and much more. Apple: Talk to a Fishbowl representative today to learn how you can access Fishbowl’s manufacturing and warehouse management features on your iPad or iPhone. You can also install and run the Fishbowl server and client on Mac computers. Linux: Linux is an open-sourced operating system that is popular among hands-on software engineers. Fishbowl’s server and client can be installed and run on Linux, no problem. Windows: You can set up and run the Fishbowl server and client on the most recent versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Fishbowl works well on PCs as a result.

Point of Sale

Fishbowl SalesPoint: Need a retail point of sale system that works with Fishbowl? Welcome to Fishbowl SalesPoint. Choose the point of sale hardware that fits your needs, including computers, cash drawers, credit card readers, receipt printers, and rear display, and let Fishbowl SalesPoint manage your store. QuickBooks Point of Sale: QuickBooks Point of Sale is a popular accounting POS solution for small and medium-size businesses. Integrate Fishbowl with it to take advantage of the added functionality and greater data.


DHL: DHL is a shipping solution that lets you export your orders from Fishbowl. In addition, you can download confirmation and tracking information into Fishbowl. Endicia: If you use the leading Internet postage service provider Endicia, you can quickly export orders from, and import orders to, Fishbowl for processing through an ODBC connection. FedEx Ship Manager: Export your orders to FedEx for the purpose of shipping and notification, and then automatically receive confirmation and tracking numbers in Fishbowl. OnTrac: Fishbowl’s integration with OnTrac’s shipping solution gives you the ability to export orders to OnTrac and import confirmation and tracking information to Fishbowl. ShipStation: ShipStation is an ecommerce, shipping, and order fulfillment solution. You can handle multiple carriers, upload orders, ship packages, get fulfillment confirmation and tracking information back into Fishbowl, and more. ShipWorks: ShipWorks is not only a shipping solution, but it also helps with ecommerce and fulfillment. After you upload orders from Fishbowl to ShipWorks and then ship them out, you can download confirmation and tracking information into Fishbowl. Starship: Fishbowl is a powerful inventory and order management solution. Starship is a powerful shipping tool. Put them together and you can handle a variety of carriers, shipments, orders, and more. UPS: Fishbowl is UPS Ready, meaning that UPS shipping features are built right into Fishbowl’s interface. Instantly send shipment notices to UPS for pickup, compare shipping prices, print labels, and email packing lists to customers right from Fishbowl. United States Postal Service: You can upload and share your orders in Fishbowl with the United States Postal Service and then print the appropriate shipping labels and more. You’ll also receive confirmation and tracking data in Fishbowl from USPS.

So Many Integrations

Why does Fishbowl integrate with so many other solutions? To help companies coordinate their inventory with all of their other operations. And you can bet there will be more integrations in the future, both within and outside Fishbowl.