Farewell to Mary Michelle Scott

April 20, 2016
Mary Michelle Scott has retired as the president of Fishbowl.Mary Michelle Scott has retired from her position as the president of Fishbowl. She held that position for five years from from January 2011 to April 2016. She came to Fishbowl at a precarious time in the company’s history and she leaves at a time when the company has never been in a stronger position. In mid-2011, Fishbowl managed to obtain a $1 million loan from Zions Bank just in time to meet an important deadline. Then Fishbowl earned enough profit to completely pay it back seven years ahead of schedule at the end of that same year – before it had to pay a single penny in interest. I worked closely with Mary during her time here. I had been at Fishbowl for nearly a year before she arrived. We worked together on editing Fishbowl CEO David K. Williams’ Forbes articles and many other things. I am told that I can be bluntly honest to a fault. But she never took offense at my critiques and was always full of praise for me and my contributions. It takes a big person to appreciate constructive criticism. I’ll always appreciate how she responded to me. Farewell, Mary. It’s been educational. With Fishbowl veteran John David King taking the reins as the company’s COO, Fishbowl is still in good hands, and it will continue to have an amazing year and build on everything that has come before.