Dashing Around the Dashboard Module

December 15, 2017
The Dashboard module gives you a comprehensive overview of sales orders, purchase orders, etc. that are in the process of being fulfilled. Each user can customize their dashboard to display information that is relevant to them. No two dashboards will necessarily be the same, and your preferences can be saved so they will load each time you log in.

The Fishbowl dashboard can be customized for each user to save time and increase efficiency, Fishbowl BlogAvailable Gadgets

This module is filled with customizable gadgets. You can swap them in and out as you wish:
  • Open Sales Orders
  • Open Purchase Orders
  • Open Work Orders
  • Open Transfer Orders
  • Open RMA Orders
  • Items to be Picked
  • Items to be Received
  • Items to be Shipped
  • Report
  • Quick Links

Quick Links

The Quick Links available in this module are organized into three categories: Customer
  • New Customer
  • Sales Orders
  • Ship Orders
  • New Vendor
  • New Part
  • Purchase Orders
  • Receive Parts
  • User Administration
  • Export to QuickBooks
There are more than 150 reports in the Reports module, and we’ll take a look at them all next week.