5 Ways Industrial Suppliers are Saving the Environment

October 21, 2015
Industrial suppliers are saving the environment and building the future, Fishbowl Blog

Manufacturing processes are generally not known to be environmentally friendly. The industrial sector is also known to exploit raw materials. If you are an industrial supplier, you might also be wondering how to be more responsive to the environment while still making quality products.  Fortunately, you are not the only supplier in recent years to have this dilemma. Some of them even found solutions and came up with recommendations for others to follow. To understand fully how industrial suppliers are saving the environment, it’s necessary to revisit their history. Industrial suppliers formerly relied on raw materials that were not always environmentally acceptable. Many of these raw materials have been replaced and/or recycled  for their operations.

In industrial supply, customer orders used to be primarily received in hard copy format. The Internet has reduced the use of paper for ordering, shipping, and receiving of industrial supplies. If you want to learn more, here are five ways industrial suppliers are saving the environment.

Environmentally Approved Raw Materials and End Products

Industrial suppliers help save the environment by purchasing end products made from environmentally approved raw materials. The end products created from these raw materials can be biodegradable or recyclable.

Maintain Vigilance of Regulatory Compliance

Many industrial suppliers of HVAC products maintain constant vigilance of regulatory compliance. In refrigeration, for example, industrial suppliers check the 608 Refrigerant Recycling Rule from the U.S. EPA to ensure that refrigerants used in their industrial cooling products are in compliance. Vigilance of compliance is also applicable to heating equipment and boilers.

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Choose Environmentally Aware Industrial Product Manufacturers

Industrial suppliers save the environment by choosing manufacturers based on their awareness of environmental responsibility. Industrial suppliers can review manufacturing specs and ratings before purchasing manufactured products.

Use Environmentally Safe Packaging and “Fillers”

Today’s industrial suppliers use safe packaging and natural fillers like popcorn and dried beans when preparing shipments of industrial supplies. Other industrial suppliers convert their heating and cooling utilities to clean energy sources like wind turbines, solar, and hydroelectric power. Industrial suppliers of rental equipment choose to transport rental equipment using alternative fuels.

Encourage Customers to Choose Environmentally Safe Industrial Products

Industrial suppliers of rental boilers like Nationwide Boiler have taken a more advanced step by encouraging customers to choose rental boilers that are environmentally safe. For example, by choosing a watertube rental boiler, NOx emissions are reduced by 99%, while simultaneously increasing the efficiency of the boiler’s operation. A low-NOx, trailer-mounted boiler rental offers specs of 75,000 lb/hr, 750 psig with 750 deg. of superheat. A mobile boiler room rental delivers 650 hp, 250 psig and maintains ultra low NOx. Skid-mounted boiler rentals for higher capacity requirements are also low NOx.

Whether an industrial supplier sells small parts and equipment or large heating and boiler equipment, they save the environment by refining their business operations to reduce waste of natural resources and providing customers with a healthy, safe environment.