11 Steps to Make This the Best Week of Your Life

December 3, 2012
Last month I became a contributor to the Huffington Post. It was completely by accident. They liked my blog post “Harry Potter’s Top 5 Small Business Tips” enough to ask to repost it on their website. They then invited me to submit original work from time to time. Elated businessman jumping through the air, Fishbowl Inventory BlogSo I submitted an article that I think is really cool. It’s an idea I’d been working on for a while, and this was the perfect opportunity to finally share it with the world. The article is called “11 Steps to Make This the Best Week of Your Life,” and I’m going to reprint it here for you to enjoy. I hope the ideas in this article will help you make this week special. Here we go! No matter what your status in life may be, you can make this week your best one yet by following 11 simple steps. And the best thing is that you can continue to use these steps week after week to make each one better than the last. Of course, many things are out your hands, like weather, other people’s reactions, and economic factors. But by focusing on what you can control – yourself – you can have a much easier time being happy, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. I now present my list of 11 steps to make this the best week of your life.