Warehouse inventory management software

Kent Gigger
October 10 2023

A warehouse inventory management system is an essential tool for virtually any business that handles inventory. It allows you to keep track of many thousands of items, quickly reorder products when they get too low, and make sure you never have too many or too few products on hand. All of this improves your bottom line and even strengthens your relationships with customers, by ensuring you can give them what they want, when they want it. Whether you have a single warehouse or multiple warehouses, a warehouse management system helps you make the most efficient use of your resources across the board, as well as improve inventory accuracy.

Fishbowl’s solution for inventory management

Fishbowl is a great warehouse management solution for any small business. It gives you all of the tools that you will need to perform both simple and complex tasks in the warehouse to boost your business’ operational efficiency. These warehousing tasks vary widely, and they include such things as:

  • Picking items off your shelves in the warehouse for either a single sales order or for multiple sales orders via batch picks.
  • Packing products into containers that allow you to make the best use of space, while also safely housing as many products as possible.
  • Shipping products to customers and tracking their progress as they make their way to their destinations, so you know they arrive on time.
  • Ordering new items automatically with the aid of auto reorder points. You can run reports to see which items are getting low.
  • Receiving inventory into your warehouse with the aid of barcode scanners and other mobile devices to instantly store data on them.
  • Reconciling orders, so that if you receive damaged items or the wrong number of items, you can return them and adjust the amount you pay to vendors.
  • Cycle counting your inventory on a regular basis to ensure data accuracy across your warehouse helps to avoid miscounts, or other issues.
  • Tracking shipments and other raw materials or product movements through shipping integrations

Managing inventory in multiple warehouses

A warehouse inventory management system is a software solution that helps businesses to keep track of the inventory in their warehouse(s). It allows businesses to quickly and accurately:

  • Pick, pack, and ship orders
  • Order new items
  • Receive inventory
  • Reconcile orders
  • Cycle count
  • Track shipments

Fishbowl also gives you the ability to manage inventory in multiple locations. As your business scales and expands beyond a single location, you will find that you need more advanced supply chain management features than you did with a smaller operation. Fishbowl helps you ensure you have the right products in the correct quantities at each location.

Each of your warehouse locations may house different products or parts, due to regional demand, ease of shipping, supply chain efficiencies, etc.. Because of this, you will need to be flexible in your inventory management strategy. There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy to balancing inventory level and order management. You must be able to track sales trends by location to make sure you have the optimal inventory levels at each one. Luckily, Fishbowl guides you through these challenges and makes complex warehousing and asset tracking tasks simpler.

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