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Intuit inventory software

Counting, recording, and then recounting inventory again one by one with paper and pencil used to be the norm for businesses not too long ago. Stockouts, multiple entries, and bad data were not uncommon due to human error. It was clear the business world needed a quick, user-friendly alternate to track assets that eliminated the factor of “Is that a ‘b’ or a ‘6?’” Thus, Fishbowl was created.

Since Intuit created QuickBooks more than two decades ago, corporations all over the world have been relying on it to organize their finances and manage their expenses. However, there are still many functions the program cannot do alone.

Intuit decided to outsource and open up its SDK to outside developers. Fishbowl was one of the first to join by developing an inventory management solution that fully integrated with QuickBooks and could also be standalone software. Since Fishbowl joined QuickBooks, it has achieved the highest ranking Intuit offers (Gold Developer), and it has continued to be QuickBooks’ No. 1 add-on.


Fishbowl is just what small to medium-sized businesses need: an efficient and affordable attachment to QuickBooks that satisfies their inventory tracking needs. If you’re looking for powerful Intuit inventory software, Fishbowl is the right solution for you.

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