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auto parts inventory software

People rely on their vehicles day in and day out. For the daily commute. For hauling those heavy loads. For taking the family to football practice or on vacation. For enjoying the hobby of repair and restoration. We rely on our vehicles to perform as expected, nothing less.

Your auto business provides products and services to keep your customers on the road, and Fishbowl wants to rev up your ability to deliver and stay competitive.


  • Use advanced barcoding, managed by a wireless device and computer
  • Access your equipment, stock, and assets at the push of a button
  • Scan incoming deliveries right off the truck and cut time on laborious data entry


  • Monitor one location, or several, all from a unified software hub
  • Follow issues, returns, transfers, purchases, and automatic reorders
  • Create auto reorder points and eliminate dreaded stockouts
  • Asset transfers can be tracked customer to customer, reducing time out of service


  • Plan comprehensive calendars with equipment and user assignments
  • Software incorporates landed costs and projects cost estimations to help you stay on budget
  • Equipment performance reports for optimal work levels

Work Orders

  • No matter how big or small they may be, every order is properly logged
  • Track every stage of the process, from sale to delivery
  • User-specific instruction per order as you see fit


  • Easy-to-use shipping options with projected costs
  • Customer tracking updates and emails
  • Inventory reflects real-time deliveries and items shipped


  • Seamless QuickBooks integration means no more double data entry
  • All your accounting and tracking in a unified location
  • Generate any and all reports: history, pricing, vendors, etc.

With Fishbowl, your auto business is running on all cylinders. Get a free trial of Fishbowl Manufacturing or Fishbowl Warehouse right now to get moving.

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