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Updated versions of Fishbowl are typically released once a month and include new features and improvements. It only requires a few minutes to update Fishbowl and take advantage of the latest changes.


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Auto update
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With the auto update, there is no need to run an installer, and in most cases, only a few small files will be downloaded to complete the update.

  1. Fishbowl 2017.4 or higher will display a notification in the client when an update is available. Click Start Server Download to download the update.
    Update notification.png
  2. Alternatively, right-click the Fishbowl Server tray icon, select Check For Updates, and then click Update Fishbowl.
    Check version2.png
  3. Click Yes to apply the update the next time the server restarts.
    Update on restart.png
  4. To manually restart the server, right-click the Fishbowl Server tray icon and select Exit.
    Server restart.png
  5. Then start the Fishbowl server from the desktop or the list of programs.
    Server shortcut.png
  6. When the server restarts, wait for the update to be applied.
    Applying update.png
  7. Click OK to start the database update.
    Database update.png
  8. All client computers will update automatically when connecting to the updated Fishbowl Server.
  9. If the auto update fails, follow the instructions here to manually download and install Fishbowl into the same directory where Fishbowl is currently installed.
    Installation directory2.png
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