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  • Only new orders are imported. Orders are not updated once they have been imported. Returns and refunds are not imported.
  • The attributes and IDs for orders and products can be viewed or modified by clicking the Small.Shopify.png Shopify button at the top of the Icon.Sales Order.png Sales Order module and the Icon.Product.png Product module.
  • To view the scheduled tasks for the Icon.Shopify.png Shopify module, open the Icon.Schedule.png Schedule module.
  • A scheduled task can be run manually by double-clicking the task.
  • Enter an email address in the Icon.Schedule.png Schedule module to receive error notifications.
  • To view the history of a scheduled task, including the result/error, click the History Icon Button.png History button in the Icon.Schedule.png Schedule module.
  • More details about recent errors can be viewed by opening the Icon.Data.png Data module and clicking the Server Log Button.png Server Log button.
  • Check for multiple versions of the Shopify.jar file in C:\Program Files\Fishbowl\plugins\ or \Applications\Fishbowl\plugins\ on a Mac. If there are two Shopify versions, exit the Fishbowl Server and remove the older version on all client and server computers.