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Cart Taxes.png
  • Import Taxes - When selected, the tax amount from the {{{1}}} order will appear on the Fishbowl sales order as a flat rate line item. The flat rate amount can be set to $0 in the Icon.Tax Rate.png Tax Rate module and then the correct total tax amount will be set when the order is imported from {{{1}}}. If taxes are not imported, the Fishbowl payment will equal the order total before tax.
  • Use Default Tax Item - With this option selected, the same tax item will be used for all orders.
  • Use State Tax Mapping - This option allows different tax items to be used based on the Ship To state/province. If this option is enabled, the plugin will give an error when trying to import an order with a state that has not been mapped.
  • Use Fishbowl Tax - Select a Fishbowl tax rate that will be used to calculate the order tax in Fishbowl. Tax calculations done by Fishbowl may differ from those done in {{{1}}}.
    • Import {{{1}}} tax as line item note - Import the {{{1}}} tax as a line item note in Fishbowl.