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  • Schedule - Select the Checked.png Active checkbox to import products on a set schedule. Click the Run task Button.png Run task button to run the scheduled task right now. Data that has changed since the Last Sync date will be synchronized. This date will be updated automatically after a sync, or it can be manually edited to adjust which data will be synchronized.
NOTE: When setting up the shopping cart integration for the first time you will want to adjust the Last Sync to a date before any of your products were created (for example, setting the year to 2000) so that all of the products on your website will be imported.

The product import task imports products into Fishbowl from {{{1}}}. A product link is created by storing the {{{1}}} product ID in Fishbowl. Select ONE of the following options:

  1. Link existing products - This option will match existing products in Fishbowl and {{{1}}} where data matches in the selected fields.
  2. Unlink missing products - This option will remove the product linking in Fishbowl for products that no longer exist.
  3. Import products - This option will import products from {{{1}}} into Fishbowl, creating them based on the field mapping and selected settings. If the weight or size UOM isn't set in {{{1}}}, the default UOMs listed here will be used.